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Get your Ebooks

Complete Marketing Strategy to go full time e-book

A great cliff-notes version of how I am able to market my business while staying home for 10 years and using only my street smarts and hustle


Staying organized as a business owner

See what apps and services that are available  to help you stay on top of all of it


What should I charge for my services?

Get ready to write down in our included worksheet to get you started


Schedule your

one hour zoom chat with me 

I'll walk through your IG, FB and Website  to see what your current strategy is! 

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Get your bonus stuff

How my business thrived during COVID-19 shut down

I was busier than ever while all my photo friends lost their businesses

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Be a marketing ninja

Google ads or facebook ads? No one has time for that! I'll show you some pretty out-of-the-box ways I market 


How to create your website like a rockstar

You don't need fancy code or even click funnels for a lead generating website- you just need the right language and story


3 income streams that everyone needs to know about

It's not about have ONE income stream, it's about having multiple ways to get money!

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