Computer Screens


20+ Free or cheap apps that are essential photo business apps that you need to be successful

Wondering how to organize your business, market, look professional and make content on the go?

You have a super computer in the palm of your hand already. Let me share with you 20 plus essential apps that I use EVERYDAY to invoice clients, make slideshows, manage 11 social media platforms, create ads that look amazing and stay on top of invoicing, mileage, receipts and more!


Yes, you really can do it all on your phone. In fact the only reason for me to go to an actual computer is if I am editing my website, editing long wedding videos and photos or in need of a larger screen.

Other than that, I can literally run my entire business- contacting clients, sending out forms,


Making a podcast:

Anchor -cost: Free

Make a podcast completely on your phone with no fancy equipment. Includes transition music and sound effects. Get featured on apple podcasts and other podcasting apps for free depending on followers and interaction.


Social media

Instagram – cost: Free

Join the number one photo sharing app. Share your work and create a portfolio in a simple and beautiful interface. Interact and message clients who find you through hashtags and geotagging. Upload videos up to a minute along with photos.

Igtv -cost: Free

Want longer videos to put on your Instagram? You can create videos up to ten minutes with IGTV. But the caveat is they have to be in portrait mode! Don’t shoot in portrait mode? Use one of the apps below- video resizer, to get your landscape video looking good on IGTV.

Facebook -cost: Free

Join over a billion users on the largest social media platform in the world. Find clients through mutual friends or connections. Message clients one-on-one- create business groups and business pages.


Photo editing: