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Fun Cheap DIY Christmas Personalized Preschool Pinecone Craft

My daughter had so much fun sprinkling glitter and putting "snow"on these little pine cones.

to make them like ours, you will need the following:

1. pinecones

2. a block of wood or thick piece of cardboard

3. spray paint (any colors you need)

4. glitter

5. cotton balls

6. beads/pipe cleaners

7. hot glue gun and glue sticks

8. school glue to glue down cotton balls and beads.

First you need to hot glue gun the pine cone to the block of wood or stand

Then spray paint the pine cone and the stand.

This is when your little one can glitter the mess out of the pine cone.

then glue the cotton balls down like "snow".

Now, you can glue down the pipe cleaners and beads around the "trees"

now glue down beads as "ornaments"

now you can label them after they are dry!

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