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Noah Justice- In home Natural Light Session

I was SO excited when I could FINALLY take my son home from the hospital. All week he was being monitored for breathing and heart rate. So on Friday, we got to put him in the car seat for the first time and drive him HOME!

Of course, my house was a MESS, with two other children in the house, but first things first: taking pictures of my son!

Of course my husband thought I was taking too long to take the photos. He didn't understand that taking newborns is a ancient art of patience, time and expertise.

After fighting him to fall asleep for over an hour, I could hardly pose him without crying his head off every five minutes.

Let's just say that I have a GREAT respect for full time newborn photographers. Even though I am not a newborn photographer (my passion is couples, families, seniors and weddings), I think that with the right lighting, the right lens, the right textures/backgrounds and the right amount of time, any one can produce good newborn images for FREE at home!

Always find the best indirect and soft light in your house. My best light was coming in from the door way. Maybe you have a bay window, or a garage door.

Getting a prime lens (like a 50mm 1.8) is KEY. The prime lens will allow for a really creamy background. Also, you will be able to shoot indoors with no extra light sources if you really need to. .

Have someone secretly hold the baby underneath the background. That way it tricks the baby that someone is holding them!

I never try to force a baby in a pose that they don't like. I know that you don't get as many "staged" poses, but I prefer to keep the baby happy and let them be comfortable.

I found a good basket and blanket from Marshalls for under $20. The pallet board was from the church dumpster. And the flooring was my concrete floor from our half-finished tiled floor.

I shot down and across the baby to get different angles. I love seeing the baby at different angles!

The baby might cry A LOT! Don't try to force things. Just take it slow! You might not get the exact pose/look you want- just let it go!

Get their little toes, their little hands and so on. They are only little for so long! Having a Macro lens (like a nikko 60mm macro, or a 105mm macro if you want to drop 700 dollars!)

I like having white against babies. But sometimes, it's fun to find bright colors, like yellow or green.



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