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Why I Am A Photographer.

Why I Am A Photographer.
Why I Am A Photographer.

This photo right here is why I do what I do. ... I was asked to work at a Senior Living Facility tonight to do a "senior prom."

You should have seen these folks' eyes light up when their "jam" from 60 years ago came on. It was so sweet. Dancing the night away to "Blue Moon" and remembering the "good 'ol days

I even teared up thinking about when I get to that time in my life.

I was thinking how these grandmas and grandpas have found the secret to a happy life- just enjoying the little things and not worrying about everything that pulls you down.


That was the moment that I realized that I am so much for than a business woman or a "momboss" or a "Entrepeneur."

I'm a historian. A documentarian. An Artist. And my canvas is the human life.

Why I Am A Photographer.

Tonight when I got home from the senior living center, my husband is on the phone trying to consol a crying high school student. One of his friends had gotten in a terrible car accident with a truck and passed within minutes of being struck.

He left to go to a prayer vigil for the student and her grieving family.

life is too short.

Her life was too short.


As I look through my photos from tonight's event. No, they aren't magazine worthy. No, they won't be featured in some up-and-coming-trendy blog. But will they possibily be the last photo that these precious people have enjoying the last stages of their life?


It's happend to me before when I flipped through the newspaper and I see an obituary and my breath stops. I see someone's photo that I had a session with- a life cut short.

That's why every session and event I do is documenting a human life- a human life that is full of stories and experiences that are unique and beautiful.

So no matter if I am capturing the first breathe of a little baby or the last kiss of a daughter at their bedside- I need to be grateful that this is my work- my labor of love and my passion.


Was it a "profitable" business move to work at this senior living facility tonight taking little photobooth and dancing photos? Working for a good cause never is.

So did I pass out 50 business cards like at a wedding for doing this job? No.

Did I walk away with money in hand? No.

Did I get to market myself and my work in anyway?No.

Some would say that the night was a business failure.

I say that it was a personal success.


I gained the knowledge and the experience of knowing that these wonderful people- ones that have lived through world wars, ones that have seen so much of this life- are spending their days enjoying life and sharing it with the people that they love....

I don't just take pictures for money. I capture moments of life and love. That's why I do what I do.

That's why I am a photographer.



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