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Lesner Inn, Norfolk Church of Christ Norfolk Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Tabitha and Ryan's Story:

"We met as students at Virginia Wesleyan University, living in the same dorm village and being in the same friend group. We were friends for the whole year and started dating at the beginning of the summer after our sophomore year. He proposed to me on March 31, 2018. We picked up a full Olive Garden meal (and surprised me by ordering my favorite dessert) and had a picnic at Chic's Beach, with a cute picnic basket and blanket! After eating we went on a walk down the beach and by the bridge he stopped and got down on one knee. He had two of our friends hiding nearby to capture the moment."


The story behind their wedding theme:

"My motto is simple but elegant. There is a slight country cottage feel to the wedding with lace, lots of baby's breath flowers and light, bright colors. The bridesmaids are wearing teal and the floral arrangements have ivory and teal with touches of lavender and light peach. I have always dreamed of living in a British country cottage and wanted to incorporate that style in the wedding!"