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3 tips to better phone photos


Ever wonder why everyone’s instagram photos look so good. Yes they could’ve be using stock photography (like from unsplash or pixabay ), but if it’s there photos, you are probably wondering how they do it.

Is it their brand new phone? Not necessarily. I have a three year old iPhone 7 and I can still take some pretty cool shots. Like this one that took at a local bakery.


1. FIND GOOD LIGHT: use natural light from a window. Use a friend’s phone as a flashlight on the side (don’t use your flash) or see interesting light around you.

Direct flash on your camera will completely ruin the photo. So don't use it, unless it's a big emergency. Place your subjects facing light, not their backs turned to it.

If I can, usually ask for a window seat at a restaurant for just the reason of taking better photos.


2.LOOK AT YOUR BACKGROUND: if there are trash cans or clutter in the background, clear it away.

Also, look for interesting angles, textures and architecture that you can use. I took the photo below at the local home good store.

I made sure to frame my image so that no people were in background, and no random shopping cards were showing.


3. EDIT YOUR PHOTOS: use Vsco or Snapseed apps for your phone. Take the time to make your photo brighter.

Always look for filters that are natural and not fad-looking or too edgy. Natural-ish is always best.

All I did to the photo below was just taking up the exposure and contrast. Everything was already there! (That's why good lighting Is so important!)

In conclusion. You can't get defeated thinking, "I'll never take a picture like her." I know plenty of iPhone Instagram accounts that are amazing.

Like these three accounts that I found:

These artists have not been hindered by their lack of "professional camera." They have just used the powerhouse that's in their hand to make something beautiful.


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