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5 ways to make any beginner feel like a pro

📷Get a 50mm 1.8 lens

This super affordable lens (usually under $200) is literally going to change your photos from uh to wow!

📷Shoot in Aperature Mode .

I might not be ready for full on manual yet but your camera has some pretty neat features already built-in. Using aperature priority mode will enable you to get that beautiful blurry background with your 50 mm since you can go down to F1.8.

📷Lighting matters .

Don’t just shoot at any old time and it any old place. Shoot at specific times of the day where the lighting is soft or you have a sunset or sunrise to help your photos pop. Look for beautiful light behind you with street lamps or twinkle lights or other creative elements.

📷Get low

Get on the ground, bend your knees see the world in a different angle. The average height of an American person is 6 feet. This is how we’re seeing our world at all times. The lower you go or the more creative your angle is the more the viewer will be interested in your photos. .

📷Watch your background .

Make sure you have a distraction free background. pull your subjects away from the background in order to get a beautiful blurry background as well. Don’t just have your subject stand against the wall, you move to the side so that the wall which creates leading lines to your subject’s eyes.

I would love to hear other beginning photography tips and tricks from other pros here. So comment below to share your wealth of knowledge with others. .


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