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Ditch your old business card for this new QR code style card

Do you meet people out in the community and just hand him a business card?

most likely that beautiful business card that you spend so much time and money on will just get discarded in a purse somewhere!

Have them interact with your card in a unique Rae by scanning your QR code and saving your information right to their phone!

Now there’s no excuse for them not to follow or contact you immediately after shaking hands!

📣Get a modern day 21st-century QR business card!

Download the free wix QR code generator and customize your text and design

You can have it set to your website, your social media profile or what I did was a contact card that goes right to their phone!


Design a business card on your favorite graphic design app-

I’ve been using Go Daddy studio forever five years for pretty much every single blog, social media post and even video content-

But of course you can use Canva!


Then go to your favorite business card printer to Upload your design!

My go-to for the last 12 years has been

📣 Buy your business cards and have them shipped to your home!

Now when you’re out and about in the community not only can you give away a business card but if people want to scan your QR code you don’t have to waste as much money printing them out!

You can also have them immediately follow your social media right there!


Of course you can always get a Tappy style business card but all of these take monthly fines and fees to upkeep the information

I know because I bought one for $17 last year and all of my information is now deleted! All because I didn’t pay my monthly fee! Now I have a card that’s completely unusable and people can’t find me!

That’s why it’s important that I teach you how to make your own using a free QR code generator- A lot of these other companies will have you paying nickels and dimes to keep their services active!



What are some other pro tips entry resources that you have found?



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