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Failure is my Best Friend

Failure is my Best Friend

I just submitted over 25 different shoots and weddings to magazines and blogs to be published.

I've submitted over 160 sessions and weddings total in the past year through a company Two Bright Lights.

That's over 1,000 images to be published. And guess how many have been published?

Nine. Yep. That's it.

I get an email everyday saying, "Your photos are not a fit for ____________ magazine."

I know rejection. I get rejected everyday.

Is it because my photos aren't quality? I know that's not true because my work is my heart and soul.

It's because there are literally millions of images sent to publishers everyday and they are picky about the style and "look" that they are going for.

Failure is my Best Friend

I just have to keep pushing, keep striving and keep trying new things!

I can't just roll over and give up after hearing a "no!"

I need to put my big girl britches on, suit up and get ready to get back in the ring and keep going!

Rejection is my best friend because it makes me a better artist.




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