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Five ways to grow to 100 organic followers this month!

What if I told you that growing on IG/social media is more about interacting with users, creating content people love, being helpful and fining people in your market group then having the best phone camera- latest trending outfits/ lighting….

I’ve been able to grow to thousands of followers over the years (We have a lot of accounts to spread out the market groups as week! we have over four IG accounts, 2 YouTube channels, 6 FB accounts and two TikTok’s)

Use camera? No problem! by using a five-year-old camera, a few simple and cheap apps on my phone and simply just having consistency and helpful content- we are able to be full time self-employed and a homeschool family!

It’s all about growing in your local market with local people- getting real relationships and friendships.

See more about my social media course here:


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