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four extra ways to make money from your photography business

Looking for more ways to make more money off of your photography business?

Yes of course raising your prices in an option, however for me, I love adding more skills and and more tools to my belt- plus it sets me apart from others.

One: start a photo booth

⁃ less editing time less shooting time. You just set up have a printer on site ready to go. You can make for $500 in a to our party.

⁃ 2: upsell

⁃ sell all your products lock down every single product, Watermark every single thing that you have, if that's your only income

⁃ make sure people are paying for downloads, make sure people are paying for prints. You can do this all on pixie set.

⁃ 3: Sell other types of products, like, PDF downloads, presets, courses - have all these little side incomes. You can sell them on etsy with links to download digital files.

⁃ I have merchandise stores running designs that I have created so I can get passive income. So I can stay home and home school My kids.

⁃ I would love to see what other ideas You have.


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