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How do I manage it all? Work-life homeschoolimg balance

What does your healthy routine look like with kids, homeschooling and work-life balance?

I did it wrong for 9 years of business- staying up till 3AM- no sleep, not properly hydrating, not fueling by body properly, imbalanced....

... thanks to @kkwellnessconsulting , I am able to have energy, manage my anxiety, have a healthier family

✅morning protein drink @huel (5:30am)

✅morning workout-weightlifting 10lb dumbbells (5:45am)

✅morning bike ride 1 mile

✅morning elliptical 1/5 mile

✅morning row: .75 mile

✅morning email/social media client check (6:30am)

✅morning chores with kids and breakfast (7:30am) (2 eggs, 1 whole grain toast)

✅homeschool time (8:00-11:00am) protein bar 20g of protein no sugar)

✅park time (11:30-1:00) with healthy lunch (salad no dressing, apple, Greek yogurt, almonds)

✅library time (1:00-2:00)

✅work stuff while kids clean house (2:30-4:00) (snack- 1 egg, Greek yogurt or apple)

✅dinner time- (5:00-6:00) salad, chicken, avocado)

✅play board games/read books/ chores (7:00-8:00)

✅work time/ souse time/chill time

✅bed at 9:00 😴😴 (because sleep is important!

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