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How do we do it all?

🙏😂We run four businesses and homeschool our three kids while having time as a family and taking care of our bodies daily through Health And Wellness.

😩😩You might be thinking that we have super powers- how on earth are we able to do so much and provide for our family with our own businesses?

🗓Well, you will find out from this video, that we actually don’t do it all, and that we are very selective on the projects we take on, our boundaries and our life our revolves around each other!

📖Here are some fantastic things that we are able to put into our daily life to make our life easier:

📣Daily protein shakes with (not a sponsored post)

🗓Weekly team meetings to divide and conquer our tasks

😍Non-negotiable family, faith activities and date time

💪Daily exercising, fueling our body simply and with good food

❤️❤️Focusing our spending on specific things that we actually need, other than that, we try to buy used, refurbished or reclaimed!

📖🗓Putting our kids to work and delegating things to them and empowering them to take responsibility in our family businesses

✅💪Anything outside of our wheelhouse, we refer and delegate to others!

Is anybody else here Self-Employed and raising their kids at the same time? We would love to hear what you guys do!

You can follow our loco lives here:


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