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How to: tshirt mock-up and stop motion video creation from home

Need help knowing how to shoot tshirt mock-ups for smalll businesses?

Not only did she want to display some of her favorite shirts in mock up form, but she wanted stop motion to give the since October playfulness and show her clients what comes in each package!

I was able to use programs like the Nikon Snap Bridge App to shoot remotely from my Nikon Z6 held by a tripod boom arm and a video tripod.

To the left, I had a Godox ad-200 with a 2 feet beauty dish and a white bounce board on the opposite side from Home Depot.

Each photo had to be taken to photoshop to ge our the tripod leg, (over 200!)

After that, each photo had to be dropped into Adobe premier for video stop motion speed up.

Then the final step was the make mock-ups in go daddy studio for her social media profiles.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t take the images to photoshop again to do mock-ups. After six hours of retouching all of the backdrop, I wanted to do a mock up quickly in go daddy. They have so many mock up templates and tons of clipart you can just drag and drop in and I was able to save and high resolution so basically just to save time!


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