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multiple marketing streams that every business owner needs to know

Multiple marketing streams I’m sure you’ve heard of the adage “ multiple income streams” if you’ve done any research with owning a business or being an entrepreneur.

Basically the concept is to create multiple smaller income streams at add up over the course of time so that you can have several sources of money, I like to teach on the three different income streams- The bread and butter, the freelance and the passive (you can see my full blog here that breaks it down:

Marketing works in a very similar way-
you can’t have just one way to market-you must find at least three different ways to hit three different targets so that your message its translated in various different ways over the course of time.

It’s not just about posting every day to your social media.-

that is what I call life-support- it’s a underlying skeleton keeping your business afloat but with today’s algorithm challenges, it’s hard for business owners to be seen out there anymore.

Paying for boosting and advertising especially if you have a specific landing page is helpful if you’re running a special, having a free download or any other type of content that you can capture people’s information might work in the short term.

Need help with facebook ads? see these helpful blogs:

But paying for just boosting and to be seen without having multiple ways to contact your viewers or get information out of them for future advertising, it might be a waste of your money- in the long term.

Creating an email list and a texting list is probably one of the most effective way to reach people-emails spammer bots can filter out your content pretty quickly but texting is still fairly new so people will most likely see your text.
Need help growing your email lists:

Need help growing your texting lists:,

Having your own app in the App Store is also a creative way to get your content to a bigger global audience but it’s very high overhead to pay-hundreds of dollars each month to get on the App Store. (Check out or places likes wix or Shopify) to see if it’s right for you.)

My favorite way is to actually pay past clients to be mini marketers and ambassadors for you-pay them for story content and for recipe ideas, pay them to promote you on their page and to give them the money that you would otherwise give to Facebook boosting.

Have your past clients that can really cheerlead for your business, be on a particular contract for a certain posting days and checklist of things you’re looking for.

Give them a coupon code to put on their story so that they can filter people through your website and capture their emails and text messaging.

If money and budget is not an issue for you, then do all of those things all at the same time and spend thousands of dollars having a marketing team set up Facebook boosting, professional landing page or even have professional photos taken of you on a regular basis.