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The 8 different intelligences

8 different intelligences according to Gardner

Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number Smart)

Visual-Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

Musical Intelligence (Music Smart)

Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart)

Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)

Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)

Naturalistic Intelligence (Nature Smart)

Only a few are actually tested and given grades in school (math and language )

Sports and music are celebrated and praised in our culture- billions of Dollars every year are given to celebrities and athletes

But what our world needs is more intrapersonal, naturalistic, interpersonal, spatial and existential integellenges to be praised and admired.

These are

our counselors,

our trades,

our builders,

our health care professionals,

our first responders,

our military,

our scientists,

our nature protectors,

our mental health professionals,

our teachers,

our therapists,

our thinkers,

our dreamers,

our psychologists,

our biologists,

our inventors,

our entrepreneurs,

and our people holding up our society’s hearts and minds.

You can’t find grades given for any of these skills in school.

If you can’t do math, but can be a good listener- you are considered a failure.

If you can’t read, but can build a lego tower and create a new invention- you are considered a failure.

If you don’t test well- you are considered a failure.

Let’s normalize the various gifts that our children have- let’s celebrate their ability to think critically, solve problems, care for others, make a solution and build our future.


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