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Think three months ahead- photo biz coaching tips

Getting your calendar booked up is less about your actual knowledge and skill and more about your marketing know-how. You know you’ve seen some pretty crazy photographers and you’re wondering how they are getting the bookings in you’re not!

✅ learn from my 11 years of business and how I was able to build it while staying home with my kids full-time. We’ve been featured over 70+ times, won five awards and shot over 55+ weddings plus we stay busy year-round- how do we do it?

❤️ I live in a very highly saturated urban environment with thousands of photographers in my radius- yeah it hasn’t stopped me from growing my brand!

🎉 start falling prey to every Google ad in Facebook ad that you want to jump on and spend your hard earned money- learn how to grow your account and following organically with people you’re already know!

✅ learn my favorite Instagram strategies- that only take 30 minutes a day to grow your following!

🎉 over 150 interactive and beautifully designed pages!

🔥All this for only 9.99 on Amazon! (Valued at over 50$


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