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Thinking of switching camera companies?

Thinking of switching camera companies?

Read these warnings where you spend all the money replacing your gear!

Let’s say You’ve been shooting with a company more than a year and two years and you have more than a couple lenses

For me- I shot with a 35, a 50, an 85 and a 105 macro- that’s a lot of lenses to replace!

  • Just know that you’re gonna be losing all of that when you switch companies!

  • When you go to sell back your equipment, you’ll lose a lot on eBay and Amazon refurbished trying to get money back for future gear.

  • This includes lenses, lighting, flashes, remotes and bodies/grips

If you are shooting high stakes events like weddings, you are going to need a back up camera and multiple lenses for “just in case” or even a second angle!

I have had multiple events in 12 years of business that I have had lenses blow, cameras drop on the ground, memory cards erase and more in the middle of the event!

Back in 2018, I wanted to switch over to Sony but at the time Nikon was just developing their z 6 mirrorless line. I decided to wait for the Mirrorless line to come out and it was the best decision I ever made.

I almost lost all my gear to Sony which included, flashes and lighting ! (over $20,000!) but this was too high of a price to pay since I needed back up gear for events!



New companies mean new software, new features to learn, new hand positions, new software to download and new accessories to download your images (like apps, memory card readers and alike!)

I just don’t have the time or energy to learn new softwares at this time!


Speaking of new memory cards- my z6 cards cost around 150$ now EACH- if I was to switch companies, I would have to drop 1,000$ on that alone!



Have other tips before you switch companies?


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