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10 years of working with brands, families and couples all over the country has taught us many things about running now four successful businesses.  

We have been featured over 65+ times in magazines and blogs all over the world. We have received several national awards for our work. 

Starting in a small basement apartment with a sheet on a wall, we have now expanded to a fully equipped custom private studio space that we teach out of full time. 

We have a lot of experiences shooting 55+ weddings, starting a photobooth business, shooting at restaurants, bands, influencers, editorials, food, products and more. 

If you want to work with me 1-on-1 learning EVERYTHING from running a successful photo business, marketing your current business or even picking up the camera for the first time. We would love to work with you. (22).gif

What we can do together.

Want to build your brand, learn a new skill, talk about marketing or learn hands-on?

I am SO passionate about teaching, answering questions and being your go-to person!

Don't know how to shoot?
Need help expanding your business?

We LOVE teaching and we are passionate about creating successful businesses and partnerships with people all over the country via virtual coaching or one-on-one in-person sessions. (32).gif

Learn how to shoot, edit, get clients, market and organize your business (29).gif

Work in our interactive
custom built studio

500 square foot building

1 acre of land

BOHO corner with refurbished furniture PLUS a romantic and sexy tiny cabin on wheels

What is included in mentoring sessions?

Virtual Texting Help, Online Chats, Plus in-person classes with

your models for a 30 day period for $299 (no minimum months required)

(Valued at over $700)

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Image by Solen Feyissa
Image by Meghan Schiereck

What are some sample images that you CAN take with me:

What are some of my past students saying?


Blanche Perry 

You’re the!


In a time when I was leaving the state and moving away, you popped up out of no where and saved me!




📌Taught me

📌Pushed me (still push me 😂)

📌You strive to make me better and successful.

📌You’ve showed me I can do things I didn’t think I had the talent for.


Your an amazing teacher and friend and when I prayed for help, he sent you! 😘😘🥰




Kia Michelle


From start you are Amazing and very good at encouraging others. Your one the most talented humbled person I have ever met. From the beginning you taught Me to be confident in whatever I wanted to do to own it and take every experience as a lesson. From not knowing Me at to volunteering your assistant from the heart and making me believe more in myself. You always tell me to be professional but mainly learn how to direct and focus as a beginning photographer. Your mentoring is unmatched. I love your straight forward attitude. Thank you so much.


Josh Frederick

Christal is awesome! Spend 5 minutes with her, and you’ll learn at least 10 different tricks or methods that you didn’t know existed. We love her!


Antonio Leary

Christal is the most accommodating mentor a photographer can ask for. She’s always there to lend a helping with her infectious laugh. She’s super resourceful and has a knack for getting the most bang for your buck.


Mylia Wentworth

I’ve definitely learned about consistency with posting! I never realize how much it brought up interactions to post daily!


Cabc Photography

working with neons in very dark environment. Something I never had the opportunity to play with before meeting you. And also the use of $2 random objects to add something to your captures


Lorraine Santa Lucia

I have learned posing techniques as a model, styling with props, photo editing techniques, and social media management. I learn something new EVERY SINGLE TIME I come to see you.


Mina Simmons

I learned a lot about lighting and using inexpensive objects to enhance the images... Definitely a great mentor!


Miguel Nava

I learned MARKETING Is so so so important. That if you’re not marketing you business is dying.

use my creative equipment

We have so many lighting and prop tools to create something amazing.