We like treating our clients like family.

And that means being open and honest about who we are. So tough cookies. 

who we are

It all started with the birth of my daughter in 2010

I picked up a point-and-shoot camera that year to capture my brother-in-law's engagement photos. I fell in love with the feeling of bringing something magical and loving to life. I totally photoshoped the crap out of those images that time.  But by the time that bought my first DSLR later in the year,  I thought I was ready to "take on the world." Oh, how far I have come since then! 

Owning a business is 90% figuring out what is working and learning from mistakes and 10% succeeding and moving past your failures. I know that full well!  

In 2016 and 2018, we were chosen as one of Virginia Beach's top wedding photographers and we have been featured in over 30 online blogs and magazines since then.



I am first of all, a home-school momma, pastor's wife and lover of all things beautiful and meaningful. 


I actually have a Masters in Education and did not realize that home-schooling would be part of the "plan" until the photography business really took off. Also, my husband's crazy church schedule made it difficult to really plan any regular days.  


I give glory to God everyday for my ideas and for the ability to stay home with my wonderful munckins.  I am so thankful for my husband who not only supports me, but is willing to be a second shooter with me  at weddings.  He loves me so much that he is willing to be  on his feet all day because he believes in our business! 

We do shoot Nikon, for those that are curious.  We only use professional grade cameras and lenses. 

our graphics

We are designers as well!


We specialize in logos, website, marketing and business start ups! 

our real passion

Local organizations love to partner with us to help them get their websites, graphics, and photos looking more professional. 


1o% of our earnings and time is dedicated to helping out nonprofits and families that would greatly benefit from our services at little to no cost. 



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Virginia Beach Photobooth Company,

Virginia Photos and Films 

are all divisions of Virginia Marketing and Media LLC


  Graphics, photos, video, marketing,  design and more under one roof.


Chesapeake, VA


We serve all customers and families the same and do not discriminate

based on race, gender, religion, sexuality or for any other reason.