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100+ Essential Wedding Shot List Ideas (with printables)

Weddings days get so hectic and crazy- in a blink of an eye. It’s important to have some quick reference cards and ideas with you, especially if you are just starting out. Believe me, when it’s time for family photos, it’s going to be like herding cats. So you will need a plan and a checklist to help you out when the time comes!

Feel free to print these references off- put them on a clipboard and bring them to your next wedding. Believe me- you will look prepared and professional if you do!

Pre Ceremony

1. Ceremony venue shot portrait and landscape exterior

2. Interior shots of ceremony or reception location with altar and seats from different angles

3. Reception tables, place settings and centerpieces at different angles

4. Cake table, dessert table, gift table, and other signage around the grounds and interior


1. Ring shot (multiple backdrops and angle)

2. Invitations suite shot

3. Shoe shot

4. Dress hanging

5. Garter

6. Jewelry

7. Groom’s tie

8. Boutonnieres

9. Groom’s shoe

10. Grooms suit hanging up

11. Bouquets

12. Groom’s cologne, cuff links etc..

13. Any random wedding stuff around the room like “bride to be” mug

Getting ready bride

1. Getting on makeup

2. Laughing with robes and bridesmaids

3. Dancing in hotel

4. Reading note from groom

5. Drinking cocktails

6. Robe shot back and front

7. Mother of bride and bride with kiss

8. Getting on jewelry

9. Buttoning dress

10. First look with bridesmaids

11. All bridesmaid helping with bride

Getting ready groom

1. Adjusting tie and cuff links

2. Getting on shoes

3. Laughing with groomsmen

4. Dancing or having fun in hotel

5. Reading note from bride

6. Drinking or making a toasts

7. Shot with father putting on flower or helping with tie

8. Getting on cufflinks

9. Buttoning jacket

10. First look with groomsmen

11. All groomsmen helping with bride


1. bridal party walking up the aisle with family members

2. groom at altar

3. flower girls and ring bears coming up aisle

4. walking down the aisle bride and dad (s)

5. grooms reaction

6. major events of the wedding (lighting candles etc)

7. laughing and candid moments

8. shot of groomsmen standing at altar watching

9. shot bridesmaid standing at altar watching

10. wide angle shot of ceremony

11. close up angle of ceremony

12. portrait shot of B and G holding hands

13. ring ceremony

14. the final kiss portrait and landscape

15. walking back up the aisle with big smiles

bridal party

1. just the girls (including flower girls) serious and silly, facing backwards and laughing

2. same shots girls- just no flower girls

3. just the boys (including ring bearers) serious, walking, silly, carrying groom and putting arms around each other

4. same shots boys just no ring bearers

5. bride with just the boys

6. groom with just the girls

7. all bridal party formal and silly

8. bride and groom kissing in front of bridal party

9. all bridal party walking

family portraits

1. bride and dad

2. bride and mom

3. bride and mom and dad

4. bride and siblings

5. bride, siblings and parents

6. bride and grandparents

7. bride and all family

8. groom and mom

9. groom and dad

10. groom and mom and dad

11. groom and siblings

12. groom, siblings and parents

13. groom and grandparents

14. groom and all family

15. B and G and groom’s family

16. B and G and bride’s family

17. B and G and grandparents

18. B and G and large group shot

Bride and groom

1. Kiss on forehead

2. Almost kiss

3. Walking holding hands

4. Twirl

5. Close up on hands

6. Close up on boutonniere

7. Close up on bouquet

8. Veil shot

9. Kissing under veil

10. Laughing

11. Whispering something in ear

12. Arms around shoulder

13. Running away together

14. Bride being carried

15. A dip

16. Forehead to forehead

17. Nose to nose

18. Lean in while walking

19. Hand on chest

20. Hands around neck

21. Holding bouquet

22. Groom moving a piece of hair from bride

23. Bride looking at photographer and groom looking down at her

24. Just bride full length and looking to the side and then looking down

25. Just groom full length, looking to the side and then looking down


1. Cake cutting

2. Bouquet toss

3. Garter toss

4. First dances

5. People dancing

6. Toasts

7. Other important events or games

8. The final lineup and getaway exit

9. Getaway car

Misc candid moments

1. Guests at table

2. Bride and groom interacting with guests and hugging guests

3. People talking and laughing

4. The food and buffet table

5. Other fun events like the photobooth area or people signing guest book

Ready to print these awesome ideas? you can go to this link and print to your heart's content!

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