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So for a while, my back and neck bad beeen giving me grieve from sitting for over 4 hours a day at my computer. So I prompted my husband to research about a standing desk for me. We searched and searched pinterest and amazon for a "good deal." We discovered pretty quickly that the least that we would have to pay by buying the desk and the stool from online would be a minimum of 300$!.

We knew that we would have to make our own. Also, I am over 5'9'' so getting a standing desk that could be that tall would be expensive!

Here is what my husband used to make my desk:


- measuring tape

- pencil

- hand saw (my husband also used a skill saw)

- drill (power drill)

-used drill bits for predrilling holes

- 2.5 inch screws

-4 inch screws

-wood filler

- phillips head drill bit

- 10 foot 2x4s (4 for desk)

- 8 foot 2x4s (2 for desk and 2 stool)

- 2 cans of spray paint for the desk and one can of spray paint for stool


measuring is the key to this project. Like I said, I am very tall for a girl and so we needed it to be exactly the height that i was comfortable with.

We looked and looked and here is the directions that we used for our standing desk, we just adjusted the height of the legs for my height.

Then for the stool, my husband just measuring the width of my butt (for real:) and the height where i felt the most comfortable to sit while at my desk (if I wasn't standing.)

I will have to say that the stool is a little top heavy and we should have done a stool like this, but my husband thought that we knew what he was doing.

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