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Great under $40 photography ideas for a camera lover in your life

Do you know a camera person? Getting camera gear for them is hard and really expensive, believe me, I know.

What do you get them, when everything they want is over 500 dollars?

Here are some ideas that are "out of the box" that I have made just for you!


This great unisex little bag is great for a small camera and a lens. It also has a removable shockproof case. See the link to buy here from Amazon for $35.00

Lenses can be SO expensive (over 200 dollars to 3,000 dollars!) but a coffee mug is a great little idea that combine the love of Coffee and Cameras: Here is a link to this $10 mug: (yes it is a mug, can you believe it?)

What about this adorable scarf for under $20 (available in over 3 colors?)

This is just a camera insert that you can put in ANY bag (one of my favorite things that I got from my wonderful husband). It has adjustable foam and felt inserts, just in case you need some more room. If you want to, especially for a special lady in your life, you can buy a cool deep pocket bag at walmart or target to go with it! On sale on amazon for only $25.00

Getting a cool book or class for your photography lover is alway a good idea. has some amazing (sometimes FREE) classes on pretty much anything they want to learn. Or getting them a great image filled book like so: here is the link for this particular book:

last, but not least, this is not camera related, but definately tech related. this is a mirror! ($10) What a cute little hand-held mirror!

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