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Cheap 10$ DIY Kids Table Christmas place settings Craft Preschooler homeschool kindergarten

So I found out that I was hosting Christmas Dinner a WEEK before Christmas. And my almost kindergartener wanted to help out. I didn't have time to go to the store and buy all of the decor and table center pieces for our little dinner of 6, so I came up with this idea on the fly! (and it only costed me 10$ or less from the dollar tree)

you will need:

various colors of pipe cleaners

balloon ribbon



piece of paper or construction paper for the label

additional things for extra ideas:

little jars


real candy canes



All you need to do is twist the little pipe cleaners into a simple twist candy cane shape. I wrapped each boquet with a little balloon ribbon. I had my 5 year old write the names for practice. I then curled the ends the the ribbon. SO EASY and cute.

You can also use them as gifts in a jar or with other christmas presents.

here is a sample place setting for a casual dinner (or the kids table)

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