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15$ dollar tree valentines day wreath

I LOVE decorating for the holidays (not just Christmas, any holiday). Especially now since my daughter's kindergarten curriculum talks about doing a lot of holiday decorations and parties. So my daughter and I went to the dollar tree to make a wreath for our very boring and ugly door (my HOA requires an ugly plain RUST colored door!)

so here is a little "After" shot of the final product

You will need:

10 or so hot glue gun sticks

6 or 7 bunches of flowers from the dollar tree (save the leaves too)

big ribbon or bow from the dollar tree ( I used 4 rolls, but 5 would have been better)

pool noodle

burlap ribbon or any large ribbon



first, tape the noodle up!

Then start wrapping the noodle in ribbon or burlap!

Get all the way to the top. It doesn't have to be perfect!

Have your helper pull off all the flowers and leaves.

make a nice big pile. You can have them sort by color or type of flower too!

Then start gluing everything down!

I love how it's looking now!

gahh!!! I LOVE IT!

Finished product!

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