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What First Camera Should You Buy?

I get a lot of questions like "Will you talk about what camera to buy?" or "What should be my first lens?" Or "How do you use a flash?"

I Have decided to make a series of beginning photography videos. Addressing some basic topics.

Starting with this first step: "What First Camera Should I Buy?"

First, Watch the Video below of me talking about this:

Links to cameras:

As I talked about in the video. I am going to give you some links to beginning level cameras here for Nikon or Canon. You can save some money and buy refurbished or used. I usually NEVER buy new, unless the price difference in small.

Comparing prime vs kit lenses.

I cover in the video about prime lenses (lenses that don't zoom) and a "kit" lens. Here is a little video (it might be a little technical, but just bear with me) from another great photographer.

Want to see my vacation photos using one camera and one lens?

I have a collection of blog posts about my vacation last year. Here is the link to one of them and another.

Want to see my blog post about what strap and bag I use?

I have a blog post on just this topic that I made earlier this year. Read it here:

here is another link to another post I did on "removable pouches:"

Happy Camera Finding!

Christal Marshall


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