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Valentine Heart Mints with Candy Canes {Pinterest VS Reality}

So in my search for a "Pinterest Perfect" life, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Here is the pin I found (I have no idea how they get them this nice!)

Here is my final result (with only the Pinterest worthy ones showing). I bought the little silicone heart plates at walmart for a $1.50 each! Totally worth it!

Here is my critique of this pin:

1. USE A nicer brand of candy canes! The cheap dollar tree crayons melt into a pink mess and they burn and bubble too!

Here is a reality picture of my peppermints. Most of my mints turned into a swirly bubbly mess because I wanted to go cheap on the candy canes and do mostly the dollar tree brand. And I cooked them for longer than needed!

2. Cook it less time than they say- depending on your oven! I did it for 15 mins. at 400 degrees!

3. Put them in the freezer for 20 mintues afterward and have them cool for 10 more minutes after that. I broke some trying to get them out!


My daughter (5 years old) liked the end result to "collect" them. But doing them wasn't so fun. Candy Canes are so messy to get out of the plastic! I had peppermint all over my nicely waxed floor! oops! HAHA We worked for 30 mins was more tedious with a Pre-k kid than fun. But whatever, we spent time together.

So final thoughts: use Pinterest as inspiration for your own thoughts!

Happy Creating!

Christal Marshall

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