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Four educational ways to reuse an old egg container

So we get 18 eggs a week. That's a lot of eggs. I have all of these containers left over.

I came up with four different ways to use the cartons for my daughter and son to use (my daughter more than my son :)

1. Number sorter.

I punched out tiny dots from a hole punch and had my daughter match the number

2. Beginning Sound Sorter.

I had these little pictures printed out from the internet. One for each beginning sound.

I had these letter blocks that I ordered from amazon. My daughter below is putting the "a" on the apple picture.

3. Color Block Sorter

I had these color blocks that I got from the dollar tree. But you can get them online too! My son is matching the color that I made with a magic marker on the egg carton. He is putting the orange block with the orange spot.

My son liked dumping the blocks out after 2 mins or so!

4. Alphabet Block Sorter.

We used the same letters blocks as above to match the letter to the block.

Happy Recycling!

Christal Marshall

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