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How To Photography: DIY $6 In- Home Photobooth

I get a lot of questions like "How do I do a simple in-home photo booth?" or "Can you do a photobooth for my event?" After watching this little video, then you will discover how EASY it really is to set up in your own space.

This is just one way to do it. I wanted to make a little video to show how everyone can do it. If you have access to a brightly lit wall spot (especially during the day time) then no external lights mights be needed. If you really wanted to put your camera on "auto" to do the photobooth, just be aware that the pop up flash might go off and make your subject look really yellow. If you want to avoid this, then shoot with no flash, or put a piece of wax paper or tissue paper over your pop-up flash to diffuse the light a little bit..

Link to studio set:

link to soft box flash cover

link to video light:

other links on doing a photobooth with natural light:

Happy Photoboothing!

Christal Marshall

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