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How to take better iphone photos!

So I usually post about how to take great pictures with a DSLR. But let's be honest. Most people don't own one. Most people just have a phone. And I would say that most people have a phone with at least a decent camera (8 mpix or higher). Iphone especially are known for great camera sensors, which is the secret ingredient for better photos, not just mega pixels.

I wanted to show you a simple way to remember that better photos is all about three things: BETTER LIGHTING, BETTER ANGLES and BETTER BACKGROUNDS. These principles can be used for any other type of photography as well.

1. HAVE BETTER LIGHTING- soft shaded window light or natural light is best

2. HAVE A MORE INTERESTING ANGLES- The angle of your subject is very important. If the angle is too wonky, then it looks wierd. If it's too straight than it looks boring. It's also about placing the subject in the right light that shows off their "good" side"

3. HAVE BETTER BACKGROUND- something that is going to enhance the image is best. If it's too busy or crowded, the image looks too distracting!

To illusrate this, I have bought a bunch of bananas to show how anything, no matter how boring, can be made "exciting" through the right background, lighting and angle!

It's the same bunch of bananas! But with a little practice, the right lighting and the right angle, the image is SOO different, even with a boring bunch of bananas.

Here are the steps I took to get there:

I would love to see your "before" and "after" photos of what you learned. Hashtag me on instagram: chicamarsh or on twitter: _MarshallArts_

I hope that as I continue to post about the things that I am learning, that you are learning along with me!

Happy Shooting!


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