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How To Instill Music Appreciation in Young Children

My husband and I met in the Marching Band in College, so Music was a huge part of our educational experience.

When we had children. My husband especially wanted to give my children the gift of music. My husband plays over 10 instruments that he all taughted himself how to play!

So when we decided to homeschool. We wanted music to part of the kids education. But we didn't want to spend A LOT of money on expensive music lessons.

Here are some ideas that we use at home to help our kids appreciate music.

1. We have instruments laying around the house.

We not only collect vintage instruments around the house, but we find randome kids instruments everyone. We make our own instruments like simple shakers and percussion instruments.

We love collecting random instruments at the thrift store! The piano my daughter uses for music time was $5!

My husband loves to give instruments as gifts to the kids.

2. We make time for music and music lessons.

We have "Music" as an actual lesson check mark on our school chart. To motivate our daughter to play music, we use a colored "pick" to mark her progress. Now she is on the pink pick. She is so excited to earn different colored picks! I have also heard of "Black belt" recorder. Look it up!

My husband uses "Yousician" which is a FREE software program for piano, ukulele and guitar! Hopefully they will come out with more instruments soon!

This software through Yousician is so simple and easy that even my two year old is learning!

3. They see music all around them and us playing music.

Even though I don't get to play music a lot, I still participate in family music time by singing or playing the maracas!

One of our favorite family activities is doing dancing and music time, especially when all the cousins get together!

We also have the kids sit with us during worship at church. That way they can see people playing music.

Happy Homeschooling!

Christal Marshall

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