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How To Capture Fast Moving Subjects (Including Children!)

So let's talk about taking pictures of children outside running around. They are crazy fast! You turn your back for one second and boom, they are off to something new!

When you bring your DSLR to the park (which is a huge deal anyway, since you are chasing after children) you really want good pictures.

When you put your camera on "auto" you might get this image: YUCK!

Putting your camera on "m" for manual and set the shutter speed to greater than 1/200 (especially being outside). I had my aperature (or my lens opening to f2 to fuzz out the background more) and so my shutterspeed had to go WAY up!) To see more how to do this watch this video:

Here are some more example using these exact same settings. Here is another video link to explain more about it:

I also shoot at "CH" or continuous high shooting mode so that I can get 4 to 6 shots in a second!

Shooting kids on swings is so hard! It really takes practice to get it right.

I too four or five shots to get the one that I liked!

I said "Jump up" Caleb and do "peek a boo!"

I had on my 50mm 1.8, so it's quick and sharp! Buy it here for nikon:

Getting a kid on a slide is so difficult! You have to really be ready with your camera on your face to get this kind of photo!

I said, "Run, Alyvia!"

And one shot of my kids being at "normal speed."

Keep Shooting!

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