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How to take your camera EVERYWHERE!

So I talk all the time about taking your camera everywhere! But how? The phone is oh-so convienent to carry in your bag. And the DSLR is so heavy and bulky. There are so many parts!

Here are some things I do.

1. get a good strap. Don't do the one that comes with the camera. You can't be hands-free. I have going on three kids, so being hands-free is imperative.

here is one option:

This brand is $39.00 (Which is Half of what I paid).

2. Get a good bag. I am a mom, so having a camera back that can hold a small DSLR with a small lens (like a 35mm 1.8 or a 50mm 1.8) is perfect. But I also want a bag that I can put a diaper and a small bag of wipes.

Here is one option of a cute unisex bag (I have have one very similar).

The leather one is really nice for church or for fun! $55.00 on Amazon. Link to buy here:

3. Get a small prime lens. It will not only make your camera lighter, but it will be more versitle in any lighting situation. I once took my Nikon d7000 with a 35mm 1.8 to vacation for an entire week and didn't even have to use flash! (We went to a water park and a museum too!)

Here is the NIKON version 35mm 1.8. (Used would be cheaper). This one brand new is only $199.00. Sell your kit lens and just buy this one. You will have so much better quality photos. Believe me!

4. What other camera gear do you bring? So you have this fancy bag, a lens and a strap. What other things do you need to bring. I Also bring extra memory cards and a extra charged battery.

If you are into bringing an external flash (I can recommend a good one here: then that is helpful for indoor family time or pictures of Grandma or Grandpa. Extra batteries would be helpful.

I use RECHARCHEABLE batteries for all my flashes too! Very cost effective.

Here is the flash that I use:

I Also throw in a small Lens cleaning cloth from the dollar tree. and I always cover my lens with a protective lens cover. Totally worth the money. Instead of replacing an entire lens, I just have to replace this place. And it's great with little fingers around!

This lens shield is for the 35mm lens from above. Buy it here for $6:

So now that you are geared up, you will be surprised how many more photos you will want to take out with your family.


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