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How to Use Space to Tell a Better Story

Did you know that "Blank Space" is not just a Taylor Swift song, but also a great photography principle? (LOL)

Use blank space in your picture to tell a better story with your images!

The human eye looks at a picture like a matrix, or broken up into 9 different areas. If your subject falls in the center, that's okay. But what makes the image even more interesting, is if you need to "work" with your eyes to get to your subject. If your eyes have to follow a path to see what "all the fuss is about" then it makes your viewer stop and look at your images more.

Here is an example of a photo cut into different pieces. This is called the RULE of THIRDS (to see more information about it, here is a little video:

Here is the same photo with out the lines, so you can see it better.

Here is another one of my son at the "bank" at the Children's museum.

Sometimes getting a good shot, means that you as the photographer have to do some pretty interesting body positions!

Here is one of my husband playing his ukulele.

Here is a random leaf in my backyard. It was taken with a MACRO lens (a close up lens. But you can do the same thing by actually flipping your lens backwords. See this video for more:

I love how my eyes are falling on the tiny droplet on the leaf.

This is my daughter on the swings at the park. I wanted her to appear to be coming in and out of the frame. It makes your viewer say, "I wonder what she is doing?" Questions are always good for the viewer. It makes them stop and think.

I told my daughter to sneak up on my as I was laying on the floor!

This is my son at the children's museum. I purposely wanted him as a silhouette. Watch this video for more information:

I love how this image makes me think, "What is is looking at?"

Here are some other examples of this with other photos that I have taken:

I would love to see your photos using this principle: Hashtag me on Twitter (@_MarshallArts_) , instagram (@chicamarsh) or facebook (@Marshallartsstudio)!

Keep Shooting!


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