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How to Make Your Photos Look "Dreamy" With One Simple Button

Did you know that using a PRIME lens, like a 35mm 1.8 or a 50mm 1.8 (see this video for more information) can let you do some pretty cool things? All you have to know is that with one switch of a button, you can make your photos look "blah" to dreamy with one click!

Here is a picture of an example lens. Every lens has this button on the side of it (even the kit lens). All you have to do is turn it from m/a to "m." Then you can turn the ring that is in the front of the lens and play around the focus. This is very helpful for when your auto focus is not working very well. (See my video about how I used it at the aquarium):

Let's see what other ways you can use this really simple feature.

What is Bokeh? It's basically a fancy word for the blurry, creamy effect inthe back of photos. See this video for more information.

Here is an example of using this simple trick at Christmas time.

This looks like a stock photo for a backdrop or something! Love it!

This was at the Children's museum.. blah!

Boom! What a difference !

This was in our back yard!

This was also at the Children's museum..

Love this.. It makes you want to stop and think, "What is it?"

This was at the Children's Museum. It's okay.

Love this dreamy look!

I used this method when something was running through the sprinkler at church.

I love how using this method can make a dingy place look really cool.

I would love to see your photos using these principles: Hashtag me on Twitter (@_MarshallArts_) , instagram (@chicamarsh) or facebook (@Marshallartsstudio)!

Keep Shooting!


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