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Working With The Sun's Flair to Bring Your Photos To A New Level

Lens flare is when you get a little bit of the lit of the sun in your photo. Sometimes, it can wash out your photo, but sometimes you get a really cool effect by the sun's rays.

Somepeople don't like lens flare, they say it's not professional. But personally, if done right, I think a little lens flare makes your photos look unique.

Yes, you can bring some flare into your photos through photoshop. But what is fun in that?

The best way to get lens flare is by adjusting your aperature to a value like 3.5 or above. Also, removing your lens hood on the lens is a good way to get some flare. This is the only time that I will say this, but using a ZOOM lens, like a kit lens, or a 24-70 is the best way to get little flares in your picture. If you use a prime lens, sometimes the flair washes out your image.

Here is when I used a 50mm 1.4. There is flare all over the place! I kept the image, but I think that it was over kill a bit!

This is another one when I was shooting into the sun with a 50mm 1.4 at like 2.8 aperature!

This is when the sun was setting a little bit and I adjusted my aperature to 3.5.. much better!

Teens especially like the flare look. It makes it look edgy or vintage.

I love the flare on my daughter's pig tales. I will have to say that the winter and the fall time, when the sun is not as bright, you get the best flare. During the spring and summer, it's too much light in my opinion!

This was at sundown in May. I shot into the sun using my 85mm 1.8 at 3.5. I purposely wanted this effect.

This was shot with a 24-70 2.8 at dusk in March. I love the effect.

What did I tell you about winter sun? I even at my aperature at like 5 or 6, but my 50mm 1.4 was still letting in too much light. But I still like the effect.

I would love to see your photos using these principles: Hashtag me on Twitter (@_MarshallArts_) , instagram (@chicamarsh) or facebook (@Marshallartsstudio)!

Keep Shooting!


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