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Giving Your Subject Room to Breathe

I went to the Children's Museum with my kids today. I wanted to challenge myself with getting something new, even though I've been there over 20 times.

My challenge for myself today to not cut off any space above or below my subject. It was difficult because my kids were running around like crazy!

I really wanted to make sure that my subject had a lot of space... I wanted the viewer to know exactly what was happening with out other distracting things happening.

My daughter is too close to me here. Her elbow is cut off in the photo.

This is much better shot, where I can see more of her arm and her face.

His shoe is cut off a bit at the bottom.

This shot, I think, is a little bit better. You don't focus so much on his shoes.

This shot has too many distracting things in the background!

This is a much better one with my son.

I could do a better job giving his feet more room.

This one was better for the feet, and I also cropped the sign in the background.

I needed to give his feet more space and take out the stroller.

This is much better.

I would love to see your photos using these principles: Hashtag me on Twitter (@_MarshallArts_) , instagram (@chicamarsh) or facebook (@Marshallartsstudio)!

Keep Shooting!


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