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Why I Always Shoot 5 Shots Per Second

Did you know that most DSLR's can take multiple pictures a second? A lot of people don't know that they could push down the shutter button ONE time and if your camera is in "Continuous Burst" mode, it could take up to 6 shots per second! Here is a little video about it:

I rarely take my camera off of this mode. Not only is it beneficial for taking more candid shots, but also it was saved my BUTT more than one time! If my camera is not 100% locked on focus in the first shot, the second shot usually saves me. I do get a lot of duplicate images, but it's better to have a copy, than miss a moment!

Here is an example of this. I was hanging out with Ethan and his friends to take some pre-ring dance formal shots outdoors.

I asked him to smile here. He has a nice smile indeed, but I wanted more. I wanted something real, something genuine.

So I talked to him, while the camera was still on my face, set up and ready to fire. I have no idea what makes a teenage boy laugh. I work with preschoolers all day. So I said the only thing that I knew about: farting and bodily noises.

Here is shot when when I trying to find the right thing to say.

I say, "So who would fart in your group of friends?"

He looks over to his friend here.

Then a smile cracks on his face.

Then he just bursts out laughing here! I am so happy with this shot, it was the cover of my webpage for a while! I absolutely LOVE bringing out genuine emotions through my subjects. I love seeing them blossom as I progress in the session.

This was the last shot I took in the one to two seconds that I was shooting. I still like it because he is serious and looking dapper.

If I took one shot at a time, I might not be able to get the authentic smle that I needed or envisioned!

That is why my images are "Playful, Natural, Beautiful." I pride my self on candid and real moments.

I would love to see your photos using these principles: Hashtag me on Twitter (@_MarshallArts_) , instagram (@chicamarsh) or facebook (@Marshallartsstudio)!

Keep Shooting!


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