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How to Get Better Engagement Photos

So he has popped the question.

You've gotten a ring. Things are really coming together. Now you want photos. And hopefully you have found the perfect photographer (hopefully me :) ) that can not only capture your amazing engagement session, but also your special day wedding day.

Here are a few tips to help you have a great session with your photographer!

You should want to have your session special to both of you. Go to a place that is meaningful to you. Set up a cute little picnic basket and have him serenade you with his guitar. Wear the same football jerseys. Have him pick you up and spin you around. Go to a vintage movie theater and have a private session with popcorn and 3d glasses.

Go to Starbucks when it's not busy and ask for an hour of time and share a cup of coffee together. When special things are going on, your photographer will have an easier time capturing them! A lot of times I have to work really hard to get a couple to be comfortable.

I love it when girls seem comfortable enough to do some intimate and fun poses. The last thing you need is to be walking around a downtown area with high heels and falling into the cobblestone!

You should compliment eachother in colors, but not the same color. Solid colors are best. Busy fabrics could be a distraction!

The best time to shoot is when the lighting is soft (so in the morning or later afternoon). But a good photographer can shoot anytime! Try not to make your photographer go to three locations in one day (I have had this happen.) You would be surprised that in one hour's time, how many poses you can do in a small amount of space.

A good photographer will try their best to bring out the natural love and fun moments of you two! We love seeing you all IN LOVE! So don't be afraid to snuggle together, get close and maybe even sneak a kiss here or there!

I love seeing people have fun and just laugh about random things. This is want makes a couple's love real and alive. Don't be afraid to bring things that make you laugh.

My favorite photos are the ones that aren't posed or planned.

If you have your session with me, I will make you laugh at corny jokes. I will jump around you to smile. I am crazy, just deal with it and smile!

Just know that your engagement session will be fun, memorable and natural!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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