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Are You Afraid to Shoot In Cold Weather? You Shouldn't Be.

The winter time is always a slow season for the outdoor photographer. It's like as soon as it turns November, no one wants to be outside. The sunshine get's less and less at night too.

What do you do then?

I had one couple that really wanted Valentine's Day photos. It was going to be sunny (yeah!) but BRRR cold! It was 27 Degrees, not including windchill.

He's from Ohio, she that wasn't even that cold for him apparently!

But I really enjoyed hanging out with them in the cold. I think it made them want to get cozy quick! I had them moving, up and down, walk here, jump here. We were never staying at a place for more than 5 mins!

I tried to shoot into the sun as much as possible, so that their backs at least were warm!

I brought a blanket for them to cuddle up in! I think it looked really romantic.

I thought it would be cute to bring some warm drinks.

I always had them sit on a blanket, that way at least they would be warm. There was snow on the ground here, but you could'nt tell.

They were so tired after this. I had them do it twice, one with my 85mm and one with my 50mm. That really warmed them up!

So don't be afraid of cold weather! It's not afraid of you.


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