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The Moments When I am The MOST Proud of My Kids

So today, I had a parent "win" moment. My daughter finally sat down at the library touch screen computer to play some games and a little girl walks up. The little girl taps my daughter on the shoulder and says, "Can I play?"

My daughter whines, "I just got on!"

Then I look at her with my "mom look." I told her that we always come to the library every week. We can wait for five minutes until another computer opens up.

She not only got off, but she helped me pick out books for her brother. I beamed with pride.

This was HUGE for her. Usually, she is very particular about her time. She is usually a very organized and type "A" person. Flexibility is NOT her strongest points. TEAMWORK is always something that we have to work on!

After 10 mins. another compute opened up and she was still able to have her time.


Most people are proud of their kids when they win a big game. Or maybe when they make the honor roll. Of course, those are a given.

But I am most proud of my kids when they do something-out-the-ordinary.

My daughter collects coins. She has a little piggy bank with $14.48, (I know because we have to count it all the time!)

She knows where every coin in her piggy bank is. If I go in there to get change, she will know. That is why it was a BIG deal when she said that she was collecting a small purse of coins for our sponsored child from Kenya.

I saw this purse getting heavier and heavier in her room. I asked her about it. She said, "Oh, that's for Bernadette. That way she can eat."


I love it when we go to the store and my daughter thinks of something to buy for another person. When we pass the toy section, she knows that we rarely get anything for us. But sometimes she'll say, "What about _______, do you think that she would like this toy?"

Sometimes, I feel like a broken record. "Come here," "Put on your coat," "Don't push." All day long! When my kids listen the first time to me, I am so proud.

My little son can't say "Okay" so he says "Onay, Mama." It's so cute. When he listens and obeys for the first time, He'll say "Onay, Mama." I'm beaming!

So when I don't have to sound like a broken record and my kids come to me the first time, I LOVE it!

Just yesterday, Alyvia was in the car and she said, "Mom, let's make an Easter bunny craft for the house. We could make it out of paper plates and glue down some plastic eggs."

I loved that idea. It was creative, it fit with our season theme, and it came from her mind!

So that is exactly what we did when we went home.

I remember that my daughter FINALLY earned the special prize bucket for her behaivor. There were some candies in there from random holidays. She was about to pick some M&M's but then she said, "Mom, I don't want any candy because I already had some today and I don't want a tummy ache."



So these are the different ways that I am the most proud of my kids. How are you the most proud of yours?

I would love to hear from you!


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