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Will Your Wedding Photographer Give You Access to ALL the Images Within a week Of Your Wedding? Well

Turn around time is a huge button for me as a photographer. It's something that not only I value as a person, but as a client. I expect images to be given to me within a week. A wedding should be no different.

I cry when I hear stories from my brides that say "My sister got her photos in 12 months." That's horrible and that photographer should not be in business any more!

In my research of various photographers in my area, 2 months seems to be the average turn-a-round time.

As a photographer, I LOVE hearing reviews like:

"They got the photos back to me SO soon! I loved looking at them at my honeymoon"

This makes me so proud as a business owner. They will definitely recommend me to their friends.

I might not have all the fancy editing, or the fancy assistants, or the fancy gear, but I know that I am a hard worker and I can get their images to them as soon as I can. The quickest I've ever gotten them done was within ONE day! Now that's fast!

I love instagram as a person, but I HATE seeing a wedding the day after on instagram with out ANY pro photos showing. What a shame!

The pro should have at least ONE photo up that night or the day after, before people instagram. That is the greatest time for people to be excited about seeing someone's wedding- the day after or the night of! They want to see what happened!

The greatest tool in a photographer's tool belt is QUICK response online! I will get over 1,000 views if I post at least ONE photo that night and I tag the bride and groom.

Even if a photographer can't edit a photo and they have to do a quick "Screen shot" of the back of their camera, at least it's something!

I loved it in November, when a couple got all their photos during their honeymoon. Not only did they share them with their family and friends during their honeymoon, but they were able to have the time to really look at them.

As soon as they come back from their honeymoon- the last thing they need is to look through over 1,000 photos while getting back to work and their daily routines!

When a couple sits down with me to talk about their wedding, part of the contract that we agree on states that I have to get their images back to them within the maximum two weeks. I usually get them done within five days or less. Just because that is great customer serve. If I don't fulfill my contract, then the integrity of my business will be shot!

A lot of times I ask couples, "When did your photographer say that they would get the photos back to you." Many times, they say, "Uhh, we don't know- maybe 6 to 8 weeks?"

Wow- 6-8 weeks is way too long to wait for your photos. Besides that sounds like a dull and boring time frame- like you are waiting for a passport. Bleh.

So if you are going to use a pro photographer, you should already know what their turn-around time is before you hire them. They should give you at least one photo that night and all your photos within a week (that's what I do). The most they should wait is a month.

If not, then think twice before hiring them!


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