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Graphic Designer Challenge. Editing a Complicated Photo Using Only Lightroom.

So every body knows photoshop is a master of editing complex photos. But what if someone didn't photoshop? What if a photographer or a designer only had the photoshop's less known and less powerful editing brother lightroom?

Could you edit a complex photo using this program?

Well, I thought I might challenge myself.

Yes, I have the full version of photoshop, but as a fun and nerdy dare, I thought I might edit the entire photo using ONLY lightroom and see what happens.

Here is the original.

A lady at my church facebook chatted me to fix it for her from her vacation. She wanted the lady out of the middle and the lady out of the side. There was also a chair in the right and two people behind the sales in the back.

It was going to be hard, especially just using lightroom. I knew that I could do the chair and the lady next to the ocean. But taking out the middle person while also adding in the missing part of the boat was going to be hard.

I did the easy part first. Adding the ocean to the cover the lady on the side. No problem.

Taking out the chair- piece of cake.

Now for the hard part. the lady in the middle. Her legs were easy- since they were touching the sand.

Now it started to get a little intense. I could tell that lightroom was running slower, adding all the layers. It was beginning to get difficult to find empty spaces to choose from. That's the thing about lightroom, all the boxes are visible and once you use an area, you can't use it again. Uh oh.

This is where I thought I would have to switch over the photoshop.

I took out her head and shoulders, but now I had all the boat cables that I needed to fix. Her butt was going to be a problem because it was covering another boat.

I found another boat that was similar in size down the photo and I cloned it over 10 times to get the effect that I wanted.

Now I had to stop and export the photo and open it up again. I had no more space to clone! I had too many little clone boxes open and my file was getting so slow that it was hard for me to edit!

After opening lightroom again, I started right back on the boat. I had to fix the green cable and the top of the rigging. It was getting really hard, especially since I needed use only the clone brush with a blur. I just couldn't get exact enough. So I just decided to brush out the top entirely and put the ocean there.

I finally was able to match the boat, After cloning out the number "5" I was starting to see a difference.

Now the only thing left was to get the people out of the background.

As you can see, the boat was looking good. Now I just to smooth the cables and the ocean.

So this is a final detail shot of all the places that I had trouble with- I'm pretty impressed with myself at this point.

Not too shabby. I would definitely recommend whipping out photoshop for future jobs, but it was a fun challenge!

Let me see if you can do better!


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