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Photo Challenge: Tell A Story Within A Theme

So it was a lazy Friday morning. My daughter and son were playing late at friend's houses the night before. So having an afternoon nap sounded really good. Of course, I didn't take one, that's because I was working and doing things from home- oh, the mom life!

I remember getting my son up from a nap and noticed how cute he looked as he stetched. I wanted to remember these little moments.

So I ran to get my camera. I noticed how the sun was just peeking through his curtain. I love how the light played on his face.

I had on my nikon d750 my 35mm 1.4. I was shooting at 1000 ISO, 80 shutterspeed and 1.4 aperature. You can ONLY do this with a prime lens and a DSLR. There is a reason why you spend so much money on that stuff- to get these images! The room was SO dark!

I wanted to challenge myself with a new photo project. I do outdoor photos all the time. I have millions of my kids playing and climbing. But I don't have many of them doing normal things- like getting up from a nap.

You might not think that anything is happening around you that is picture worthy. But with the right lighting and the right theme- you can be assured that you can find beautiful moments anywhere- even in a little room with one little beam of light.

I LOVE black and white- I think that they are SO classy and timeless. Besides, if these were in color- it would lose the mood that I was trying to come across. You would be too distracted by all the random books and clutter on the walls. I wanted something mysterious, dark, but also playful.

My five year old NEVER takes naps. So this was the perfect day to get her waking up with the light just coming into her room nicely. That's the thing about good photos, you need good light.

I love how, with a little practice, with the right equipment and with some patience, any moment can be a photo worthy moment!

The most important thing is that you need to shoot- every day! If not everyday- once every few days. You need to train your eye to see a great moment happen- even in a little kid's dark room with one little window light.


I would love for you to let know if any of these tips have helped you in your photography journey!


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