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What Photography Gadgets You Really Need... I Know By Experience

When I started doing photography as a business, I thought that if I used every piece of photography gear out there, then I would be a better shooter! So not true! I have wasted thousands of dollars on stuff that didn't work! I am here to tell you that just because you see someone else using something, doesn't mean that you have to buy it! It might not be right for you!

I am a natural light shooter and usually on sessions, I don't have an assistant with me, so I like to carry light. I shoot simply and edit simply because of that mentally. For weddings, I use two flashes, maybe three maximum and I have an easy system that works for me.

So look through my favorite things that I use, and also my most unused stuff that is just taking up space in my closet.

I have three of these bags. They are so practical, affordable and great for not letting other people know that you have $6,000 worth of equipment in there.

I have ten of these. I love how they are under $100. I have burned through at least 3 of them because of use. I would never get the name-brand $300 dollar ones. I've dropped these and broken these during weddings. The last thing I need is an insurance policy taken out just for flashes. Plus, they work great and do the job! Also, they remotely "talk" to each other! How cool is that?

This is my everyday-carry on a shoot. I double camera-carry so that I don't have to change lenses all the time. Plus I can be hands-free for a wedding. I have carried at least 25 pounds of gear with this strap, and after 8 hours, I'm still feeling great!

This is my secret weapon. I can carry ALL of my wedding gear (3 light stands, two softboxes, sandbags, three camera bags etc) in this and I can just wheel it out to my car! Best thing ever. I also use it for every, single session. It's a great place to put my client's phones and bags.

NEVER buy the amazon brand rechargeable battery! I lost at least 50 dollars on using them! I only get name-brand batteries for all of my flashes. I go through at least 16 in a wedding!

This is my favorite thing to bring. It's compact, lightweight, REALLY easy to set up and looks great for family portraits or photo booths!

I have never used a reflector. I suppose if I had an assistant just follow me around the entire shoot, but I want my assistants to be learning and shooting with me. I would rather just use a video light, or a softbox inside. for outdoors, I just look for natural reflectors around the scene. Like a white wall.

I have bought two of these! I definitely needed it when I was shooting with a big 24-70 2.8 pro lens. That thing is HEAVY. But I like to use my 35mm 1.4 instead, or even my 50mm 1.4.

I returned this within a week of buying it. I would much rather carry light and have my flashes just be used as their own remote system (they have one built in already) then buy a bunch of these.

I bought a bunch of these, thinking that it would work. But way too complicated for me. I am not mechanical at ALL! So having different channels that you use, with different frequencies was way too complex for me.

I bought these to go on a regular lens, so I wouldn't have to buy a macro lens. But the $700 macro lens that I bought can take WAY better images than anything. Definitely worth buying that. I use it for babies and wedding details.

I thought I would be cool and bring strobes outside to do senior portraits. But having all of these sand bags and assistant is just not my style! I would rather carry light and let the moment unfold naturally. Who would want to smile with a huge machine in their face and lights flashing?


I would love for you to let know if any of these tips have helped you in your photography journey!


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