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Using Architecture to Frame Your Image

I was at the park today with my kids. It was kind of chilly day, but it was 50 degrees, so we needed to be outside! Besides, the rest of the week, it was supposed to rain!

So I brought my camera. Of course! I usually never leave home without it! And when I do leave home, I feel so naked!

I have done thousands of pictures at the park. So I wanted to do something different. I noticed that at the park, there were lines everywhere! Lines are a photographers best friends.

Lines mean symmetry. Lines mean balance. Never been afraid to use lines to tell a better story.

A straight-on photo would be boring at a place like a park. So I decided to do something differently.

Use Leading Lines to make your eyes follow down to your subject.

I wanted to get her climbing the rock wall. But a back angle would be boring!

I love how her eyes are barely peaking out of the bench. I was practically sitting on the floor to get this shot. Even a boring old bench can have an interesting angle.

I used the empty space from the wall to make my subject "come out."

I saw these leading lines from the bridge. My son was FAST, so I took this in 5 seconds!

This was a cool shot. The swing made a triangle to frame my subject.

I noticed that my daughter's face was in a square!

Just a climbing photo is made more interesting with leading lines and framing! I didn't cut off her hands either! Always try not to "limb chop!"


I would love for you to let know if any of these tips have helped you in your photography journey!


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