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How to Do Your Own "Studio" Family Portraits For FREE.

So I really wanted to have my own family photos done. My daughter and my husband were about to go on a daddy-daughter date. I set up my tripod and took off some stuff off the wall. I cleared out some toys on the floor and I took our own pictures.

I thought that I might share what I did with you, so that you can take your own.

First of all, FIND GOOD LIGHT. Don’t go to a dark part of your house. GOOD LIGHTING separates a good photo from a bad photo.

Second of all, have a blank wall space, preferably a wall space that is whitish. A dark wall space will not reflect light as well.

Third of all, buy a tripod or put your camera on a table or a chair. You want it to be still so that you can lower your shutter speed. You DO NOT want to use pop up flash unless you have to. You want the shadows a bit to make your photo have that “studio” look.

Put your camera on “M” for manual. Put the shutter speed down to 1/60. Put your ISO to 600 to 800. If you have a kit-lens- try to go down to 3.5 aperture.

Put your camera on a timer function and take a picture.

If you see that your picture is too dark, then you can lower your shutter speed if you can or raise your ISO.

If your photos are TOO light, then up the shutter speed to 1/80 or 1/100 and so on or lower the ISO. OR get a flashlight or a LED light (an incandescent light will be too yellow) to shine on the side that is darker. This will help fill the shadows. I used a video light (link here)

Edit your photo with an editing program. If you don’t have the one I use (lightroom), then using google picasa or something similar would be fine.

Print out your photos! There are so many ways to print. You can use WALMART (my favorite), or you can buy canvas. is one of my favorites for the price.

Never let your photos just sit on your harddrive. 10 years from now, you want to see actual photos!


I would love for you to let know if any of these tips have helped you in your photography journey!


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