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HOW TO: Take care of your camera and gear

So you invest SO much money into your gear, you need to know how to take care of it properly!

Watch this little 5 minute video about how I take care of my gear to keep it lasting longer. I've never had to take any of my gear to a shop to fix it because of following my own advice!

Remember these steps:

1. Use the lens hood that comes with the lens.

It protects your camera from bumps and bruises!

2. Use a protective UV filter.

It protects your lens from fingerprints and cracks!

3. Use a cleaning cloth and a air rocket.

Never use "canned air" or your spit to clean your camera.

4. Use a strap.

Don't drop your camera in water or sand!

5. Use a case.

Protect your camera from the elements and dirt.

6. Get insurance.

For only a few bucks a month, it's totally worth it!


Here are the links to the various items that I talk about in the video:

Here is the link to a air rocket with cloth:

Here is the link to my black rapid strap:

Here are links to a UV protective filter (always check the size of your lens before buying!)


I would love for you to let know if any of these tips have helped you in your photography journey!


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