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The 12 Most Important Wedding Photos That Your Photographer Must "Nail."

I was online the other day, keeping track of my friend’s wedding photos.

Day one: one bad Instagram posted by a cousin. (The wedding photographer already failed in my book.)

Day two at 8PM, one photo is posted by the wedding photographer- a darkly lit getting ready photo with an awkward face by the bride. I click on the link by the bride to “see more.”

There is no website- just such Instagram feed with 10 photos from the wedding. 5 were TERRIBLY dark of “getting ready." 2 were decent of the bride and groom dance and kiss and the only three left were of my “top list” of photos (see below)

I was so sad for her. I had gotten pregnant with my third, and during the time of her wedding I would have been 7 month pregnant doing her wedding. So she didn’t want to hire me.

Even if 100% of your photos didn’t turn out so great- your online presence and marketing photos that you post right after the wedding can “nail it” or “miss it.”

Only post the photos that you think are the most important and your favorite right after the wedding. This is when the bride and her family, especially will be looking the most!

Tagging the bride and groom through social media is key as well. That way- it goes on their feed first thing in the morning.

Besides getting your previews up the next day and tagging the family, there are essentially 12 photos that EVERY bride and groom are looking for when they are checking out your previews. If you "nail" at least 10 of these then you are doing great. But to only get three and they are poor quality, like in my story, then you have sorely missed it!

Don’t let that happen to you! Check out my list to see what the top favorite wedding photos from your online fans are looking for.

The "money" shot (above) will probably be their profile picture for a long time. You really need to get at least one with the bride and the groom up close!

The money shot is only followed by the "candid" love shot (above). You know the shot that is cute, romantic and looks great in black and white?

Have at least one bridal portrait (above). The bride and her family paid for the wedding, so you want to get at least just one with her!

Next to the bride and her family, the bridesmaids (above) are going to either be your best friends and best word-of-mouth fans online or not! If you don't have a shot of all of them to tag- you might as well just stop marketing for yourself right now!

You need at least one getting ready shot with all the bridesmaids around her (above.) Even though it doesn't take all of them to get her ready- the symbolism is so powerful!

The dress shot can be so beautiful (above) if done well and in the right lighting!

One solid ring shot is a must! (above).

Have one of just the bouquet (above). Bride's spend weeks finding their colors and flowers. So always have one of the flowers for your previews!

One funny shot with the whole wedding party is an awesome one to have (above). You can tag all the groomsmen and the groom as well. Besides- it shows everyone's personality and creates funny coversations!

One traditional "first kiss" (above) at the altar is so sweet and special!

You have to nail your "first dance" (above) photo with off-camera flash. If you don't you can really miss out!

The "send off" is a great way to end your previews on a high note. If you don't have a send off- then do one of the party or dancing- you can't go wrong with that!

Some bonus ones to consider:

cutting the cake, a dance/party photo, the first look, the venue (wide angle), the bride with her family.


Don't let the first wedding photos that you, or your wedding photographer post online, miss the mark!


I would love for you to let know if any of these tips have helped you in your photography journey!


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